General terms and conditions is an online store operated by Urshy - Urška Klede Trampuš s.p., Nova vas 30 A, 5291 Miren, a provider of e-commerce service, hereinafter mentioned as a provider. Upon registration in online system URSHY, the visitor obtains the username that is identical to her/his e-mail address and a password. The username and password of the user are unambiguously determined and linked to the data input. By registering, the visitor becomes a consumer. The consumer is also a visitor (company or person) who does not register and make a purchase.

Access to information

The provider undertakes to comply with the Electronic Commerce on the Market Act (ZEPT) and always provide the user-consumer with the following information: information about the company and registered office, a valid e-mail address where it is available, registration number, tax number, information on permits, which do not relate specifically and exclusively to the information society service or must be obtained in accordance with other regulations and from the competent authorities, as well as information on product prices and whether the price includes tax, delivery costs and other possible charges.

In accordance with the “ZVPot-Consumer Protection Low”, the provider undertakes to always provide the user-consumer with access to the following information: essential characteristics of the goods or services, including the shortest duration of the contract, if the subject of the contract is permanent or repeated performance; the price of the goods or services, including any taxes and other charges; possible delivery costs; all details of arrangements of the payment and the method and deadlines of completed delivery; the period of validity of the offer, a description of the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with “ZVPot-Consumer protection law”; if the consumer does not have the right of withdrawal, he must be explicitly warned about this.

Purchase procedure

Orders can be placed 7 days a week /24 hours a day. All steps and a detailed description of the order are explained in details in the menu under "ORDER MANAGEMENT".

Immediately after placing the order, consumer will receive two immediate notifications by e-mail.

After placing an order, the consumer receives e-mail notifications, which means that the order has been successfully placed for processing. These electronic notifications did not confirm that the product is in stock or that shipping had begun. The provider will treat the accepted orders as irrevocable. In case of error or any other reasons, the customer can withdraw from the order at no additional cost. You can cancel your order by sending a message to By executing the order, the customer confirms that he has been informed of general terms and conditions and that he has been explicitly reminded of them.

The provider reviews the order, checks the availability of the product, and reserves the right to contact the user by phone or e-mail in case of any mismatch from stock, price, availability, ... The provider will offer to the customer a purchase under changed conditions or. the solution that will be mutually beneficial and also allows to the customer to cancel the order. In case that customer already paid for the ordered goods, provider will return the payment.

Order shipped

In the promised time the provider packs the goods, sends them and informs the buyer about this by e-mail.

Conclusion and archiving of the contract (orders)

The contract can be concluded in Slovene and English (in the English version). The sales contract (order) is stored in electronic form on the provider's server and is also accessible to the customer at any time in his user profile.

Methods of payment

1. PayPal account holders can pay for the ordered goods with the funds they have on their account in accordance with the PayPal business rules.

2. Credit card. Purchases with credit cards are made through the bank in accordance with their business rules. It is necessary to pay the value of the ordered goods together with possible postage.

The seller must issue an invoice for the supply of goods or services and hand it over to the buyer.

The buyer must pick up the invoice and keep it after leaving shop.


The prices published in the URSHY online shop and the issued offers are valid on the day of the order, purchase so on the day of completion and submission of the order via the online shop. Prices are valid in case of payment with the above mentioned methods of payment, under the above conditions. All prices apply to items in stock in the store.

Despite provider’s best efforts to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information published on his website, price information may be inaccurate. In this case, or if the price of the item or. data change during order processing, or in case of an error in the online shop, the correct price to be considered in this case is the price valid on the items in the Urshy store. The customer will be immediately informed of any deviation of the order. In addition to the possibility of purchasing under changed conditions, the provider will offer to the customer solution to the mutual satisfaction and also cancellation / withdrawal from the order.

Prices are retail prices and they are given in EUR and they include value added tax VAT. Prices marked as »instead of« are primary selling prices of articles in our shops that do not include discounts.

Complaints are considered within a maximum of 15 days after the purchase.

Best price guarantee

To ensure that users always save money, provider offers high quality products with a guarantee of the best price.


The best price guarantee is valid only if the seller you have identified is established in the European Community and also supplies to other countries, including Slovenia and your country. We can guarantee you the best price only for the products. The best price guarantee is not valid if the offer relates to private sale in any way, to sale on markets or auction platforms, closing down sales or through other non regular retail channels.

Unfortunately, customer cannot use promotional vouchers together with our best price guarantee.

The price we equalize for you is the price of the product including the delivery costs of the cheaper store.

Withdrawal from the contract-order or return of goods and purchase

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.

If you are not satisfied with the purchase or if you want to simply resign from the concluded order you can easily do within 14 days by sending us fulfilled below attached form “Exchange / Return Form” without giving the reason of withdrawal. The withdrawal period begins the day after receipt of the goods. However, the products must be returned no later than 14 days after up mentioned written notice. In this case, the customer pays the cost of returning the goods.

Customer can return the products to our address in person or by poste. We do not accept redemption shipments.

The products must be unused, undamaged and packed in the original undamaged packaging with all possible manuals and accompanying documents and hanging labels.

To the return goods you have to attach also a copy of the "Exchange / Return Form" and a copy of the original invoice.

In accordance with Article 43.d of “Consumer protection law - ZVPot”, provider will refund the purchase price together with the delivery costs immediately after receiving the goods. Provider will refund the purchase price and delivery costs with the same means of payment as customer used for the payment, unless customer explicitly request the use of another means of payment and therefore do not bear any costs.

Pursuant to Article 43 of “Customer protection law – ZVPot”, the customer has no right to withdraw from the contract referred to in the first paragraph of this Article in the case of contracts for goods manufactured or delivered according to the customer's precise instructions and adapted to his personal needs.

In case of return of goods purchased by redeeming the voucher at registration, provider will refund to the customer the purchase price reduced for the price of voucher. At the same time the customer is refunded the right to redeem the voucher.

The “Exchange / Return” form can be found HERE.

The return of goods on our website is in accordance with the “Customer protection law – ZVPot”.

Retrun of damaged shipments

In case that the goods are damaged, it’s content is missing or is showing the signs of being open, the customer must initiate complaint procedure at partner of delivery-carrier Pošta Slovenije. Together we will make sure that the complaint will be solved as quickly as possible.


The manufacturer is in compliance with the law obliged to provide to the customer a guarantee for the proper functioning of the goods. The customer can claim the warranty directly at the manufacturer or their authorized service center listed in the warranty card. The customer can claim the warranty with a warranty certificate and the invoice of the seller.

Items have a warranty if stated on the enclosed warranty card. The date of sale is the date of the invoice. The product warranty as well as its expiration date is stated on the warranty statement and is adapted to the product, and is valid according to the instructions on the warranty card. For products with a longer warranty period, it is specially marked.

Customer does not have any costs with returning goods under warranty claim.

The manufacturer is obliged to perform warranty service within 45 days of receiving the goods, or otherwise, replace the item with another equivalent intact item.

The warranty is not valid in the following cases:

Defects caused by improper use, careless handling, mechanical damage and damage in case of force majeure (voltage surge, lightning,…)

If the product has been tampered with by an unauthorized person or if it has been established that someone has tampered with the product without our written permission

For changes on the item

In case of unprofessional addition of accessories

When using other elements that do not originally belong to the item

In case of incorrect operation or damage due to negligent handling

In case of damages as a result of the use of incorrect fuses or their incorrect use

If you need additional information regarding the authorized service and warranty, please contact URSHY, Nova vas 30 A, tel.+386 41 330 422 , e-mail:

We will be happy to help you.

Protection of personal data

Provider Urshy respects your privacy and understand that the protection of your personal data is of utmost importance, which is why he have always treated it as a priority.

Provider Urshy undertakes to carefully protect your personal data obtained through the website and will not pass them to anyone without your consent as well as will not use them for other purposes than exclusively for the successful implementation of the delivery service of ordered goods. In case of consent, they will also be used to send information material, offers and similar things.

Under no circumstances will the user's data be passed or sold to a third party.

Exception: In case of abuse. In this case we are obliged to inform the competent authorities for the establishment of a criminal offense.

We carefully protect your data from loss, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction. All purchase data (personal data of the customer, orders-contract, invoice) are stored in the company's archives in written or electronic form.

In case of any doubt or additional questions, you can write to us at or call us at +386 41 330 422.

The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring the security of his username and password.

Termination of liability

The provider makes big effort to ensure that the information published on its pages are up-to-date and correct. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the items, their availability and prices may change so quickly that the provider fails to correct the information on the websites. In such a case, the provider will inform the customer of the changes and allow him to cancel the order or replace the ordered item.

Although the provider strives to provide accurate photographs of items on his website, all photographs should be taken as symbolic. The photos do not guarantee the properties of the product.

In case the product is not in stock, we will inform you by phone or e-mail about the estimated delivery time.

Complaints are considered within a maximum of 15 days after the purchase.

Complaints and disputes

The provider respect all currently applicable regulations of “Consumer Protection Law - ZVPot. The provider makes big effort to fulfill its duty to establish an effective complaint handling system and to determine the person with whom, in the event of problems, the customer can contact by telephone or e-mail.

The provider will inform the customer that he received the complaint within five working days at the sometime he will inform the user how long it will take to process it and keep him informed of the progress of the procedure.

The provider is aware that the judicial settlement of disputes requires high resolution costs compared to its economic value. This is also the main obstacle to the user not initiating a dispute in court. Therefore, the provider strives to the best of its ability to resolve any disputes amicably.

Out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes

URSHY does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving a consumer dispute that could be initiated by the customer in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Law (ZIsRPS).

URSHY, as a provider of goods and services that deals with online sales, publishes on its website an electronic link to the European Commission's online consumer dispute resolution platform (SRPS platform). The platform is available at:

The statement of regulations derives from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act (ZIsRPS), EU Regulation no. Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.

Damaged or defective goods

The provider must deliver the goods to the consumer in accordance with the contract and is liable for material and legal errors in its fulfillment.

Consumer protection laws define damaged of defective goods as:

goods that do not have the necessary characteristics for their normal use or for sale;

goods that do not have the necessary characteristics for a particular use for which the consumer is buying it and such use was known to the provider or should have been known to him;

goods that do not have the characteristics and features that were explicitly or implicitly agreed and defined for them

goods that do not match the samples or models, unless the sample or model was displayed for information purposes only

The suitability of goods for normal use shall be judged in comparison with goods of the same type and taking into account any provider's statements on the characteristics of the goods made by the provider or manufacturer, in particular through advertising, product presentation or indications on the goods themselves.

The buyer is obliged to inform us about the potential damage or defects using a detailed description within the legally prescribed period and at the same time allow us to check the item.

To report damaged or defective goods please fill out the form found HERE.

The right to assent damaged or defective goods is regulated in more detail by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law - ZVPot. (UR RS No. 98/04 - UPB2, 126/07, 86/09, 78/11, 3/14 and 19/15):

Article 37a

The consumer may exercise his rights arising from material error if he notifies the seller of the defect within two months of the day on which the defect was discovered. The consumer must describe the defect in more detail in the defect notice and allow the seller to check the item. The consumer may notify the seller of the defect in person, of which the seller must issue a certificate, or send it to the store where the item was purchased, or to the seller's representative with whom he has concluded a contract.

Article 37b

The seller is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after two years have elapsed since the thing was delivered. If the subject of the contract between the seller and the consumer is a second-hand thing, the seller is not liable for material defects in the goods which appear after one year has elapsed since the thing was delivered. A defect in things shall be deemed to have already existed at the time of extradition if it occurs within six months of extradition.

Article 39

If the existence of a defect in the goods or an irregularity in the service provided is not disputed, the company must comply with the consumer's request under Articles 37c and 38 of this Act as soon as possible, but no later than within eight days.

The company must respond in writing to the consumer's request no later than eight days after its receipt, if the existence of a defect in the goods or an irregularity in the service provided is disputed.

Storage and reprodoction of contractual terms or general terms

The general terms and conditions of the online store are available on the website, where the user can view, copy and print them. You will also receive them by e-mail when placing orders.