Urška - Urshy.si

I was 27 years old when I burned out, got depressed and felt like I wanted to die. Recent loss of my father, giving birth twice, moving,...with all my negative subconscious patterns, emotions and traumas...it couldn't be different. I was living my life for others, always pleasing them and forgetting about myself. As a young Woman I didn't know who I am, what I want, like, desire,...I was a good girl for all of my life and she left me down, so I had to find my true self.

Since I'm not "a victim like person", as I always had to play strong for others, I started to work on myself hard. I tried everything, did many courses, certifications, healing techniques ecc. It took me more than 10 years to fully overcome my depression, my lack of positive self image and confidence. Since I worked in the field of energies I started to help other Women as a therapist, but I always knew that I would find a better way to help them, a better shortcut, something that will bring to them everything I achieved on myself. Because let's be honest. Working on yourself takes time, effort, money and a lot more. An active woman today doesn't have the time to do it, simply. It is of course necessary for her to find time for herself, but sometimes we just need something that gives us a better result - without ime consumption.

Living in a question - How can I help Women - What is it that can I bring them in order to help them? And then....symbols came! As I was doing soul readings for others, I visualised a symbol. Draw it down, put it in the adobe illustrator and reframe it into a sacred geometry symbol. Many symbols came afterwards and the only thing I was sure about was that these symbols need to come among Women! Actually I soon realised that these symbols carry amazing high vibrations - like people have never felt before. One thing is sacred geometry symbols, but mine have a higher vibration - the one that will prepare every woman to live her true self and her purpose so the World will become a place of peace and love. I found my purpose. That was the third most beautiful thing that happened to me (beside my children) as URSHY is actually my baby girl, my treasure, my love and everything that I am, that every woman is.

Through these symbols I'm bringing everything that I achieved on myself throughout many years of work, teaching and learning, to YOU. It's like this little shortcut that you are allowed to take in order to awaken your Soul and your inner wisdom, talents, treasures, powers. You are so much more than just a Woman. You are a Goddess, you are a part of the Universe and you are so important. We are heading into a higher dimensional existence where everyone will live their purpose. But before we get there you need to awaken your soul powers, find your purpose and live it in order to help others. That's why you came to this site, that's why you are riding these lines. It's all about you. Just allow yourself to grow, be and become the best versions of yourself. I'm here to help you with my products, articles and everything I do. I fully support your growth as I know how it's like to be less than you are. We are here together as soul sisters to help each other.

With love, Urška