Urška - Urshy.si

You know...what you see is what you get. On my page you won't find perfect pictures with the right light, skinny models, city backgrounds,....

It's all just me. I'm the creative director, model, photographer and the first client. Every piece was first designed as an idea and then tested, proved, made all over again,...until it was perfect and ready for You. 

And when I saw smiles on my clients faces it all made perfectly sense - I was born to do this. I was born to make women happy, strong and in connection with their true nature.

URSHY is made to make you fell like a Goddess and to connect you with your Divine essence. 

And then…

URSHY is every woman knowing her worth and her true nature.

URSHY knows what she wants. Her heart is open and full of love.

URSHY is a talented business lady. She loves and adores women and supports them.

From women to women is what URSHY is all about.

We are a powerfull creators and every URSHY piece is a living proof of that.

It has a lot for you if you are ready to accept it.

Yeah, I started with belts and bags and a lot more is coming. 

With pure divine love for You, dear Goddesses!