Divine feminine energy activation

For thousands of years the Divine feminine energy was asleep. Today we have an amazing opportunity to awaken and live this divine essence, in each and every one of us. This energy is essential for all the changes that are coming or are already here. Heal and awaken this energy with me. 


I make an energetic overall overview of your state and divine feminine energy within you. I write everything down and afterwords I create a channeled and extra healing guided meditation for you. 

The divine feminine energy should flow from your ancestors towars you, as love. If it doesn't there is a blockage preventing it. How are your divine feminine characteristics...where are your weaknesses and your powers? How do you feel about yourself, about your relationships, ancestors....where is your love for you as a divine being and so on....

After 21 days of every day meditation, healing is being activated and your inner state of being is much more positive and uplifting. Your inner Goddess is awakening big time. 

Can I return my item if it doesn't fit or I don't like it?

Of course. You can send your item back on URSHY business adress, URSHY, Nova vas 30a, 5291 Miren. Your money will be refunded on your account after we receive unharmed product.

Can I change the product for another one?

No. You can return your item, wait for the money refund and then buy another one.

Where can I see your products?

You can visit us in our business local shop in Šempeter pri Gorici, on address Primorski tehnološki park, Mednarodni prehod 6, Šempeter pri Gorici.

I would like to buy a gift card, where can I get it?

In that case write an email on info@urshy.com with item informations (name and price) and all your data (address, phone number) so we can send a gift card on your home address in two days.

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